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Soulight 2 is your mobile well-being companion and embodies our vision to bring joy and healing to the world. It aims to improve your life enjoyment, relationships and productivity, by improving your sleep, making your thoughts and feelings more positive, and reducing subjective stress. Soulight guides you towards positive emotions and helps you achieve your happiness potential.

It represents a novel, fluid form of support you can access on the move and is designed to encourage empowerment, self-awareness and resilience. Soulight uses a multi-modal interface with colours and music and is mostly non-verbal. It is based on empirical testing and research, and powered by MusicFlow, Musemantik’s innovative music technology that enables delivery of personalized emotional experiences.

We are in the process of building Soulight 2, based on experience and research using the current product. Soulight 2 will have more content, more emotional intelligence, be more data-centric, provide a richer user experience and integrate with other technologies.

Soulight is your mobile well-being companion. Learn more about the Soulight app or sign up.

Soulight - find your mood

Find your mood

The first page in Soulight helps you to quickly find out how you feel. Using a combination of colors, music and descriptive words it allows you to find your mood in seconds. It helps you to find out where you are and connect with yourself to keep you well.

Soulight - Explore your mood

Explore your mood

The second page in Soulight allows you to explore your mood territory in depth, while accepting, reflecting and connecting with yourself. Soulight allows you to explore these emotional states by expressing them through music. The music is personalized to fit your needs at that moment.

Soulight - move forward

Move forward

By now you will have found your mood and explored it, reflecting if that is where you want to be. The third page in Soulight allows you to move to a different emotional state. You select one of the musical journeys and it uses personalized music and corresponding colors to gradually move you to your desired mood.


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