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Consulting Programme

Musemantik is now offering to share more than a decade’s experience in software development as part of our consultancy programme. We can help your company through the fine details of every step of app creation; including creating user friendly web-based services, business and process transformation, and how to make the most of research and development. In addition, we teach application of artificial intelligence into your product by sharing our world class development process.

We now also offer consultancy in blockchain development and application for your app. This includes our interdisciplinary expertise in economic and technical analysis as well as showing you how to develop and implement a strategy to implement the blockchain and help you transform your app and your community. We’ll also show you how to create blockchain applications for charities and for social good.

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Blockchain development
  • Development of Decentralized Apps
  • Research and development assistance
  • Smart Contract development
  • Interdisciplinary analysis for blockchain research and strategy
  • Blockchain applications for charities and social good
  • Applications of artificial intelligence

To learn more about if our consultancy programme is right for you, contact us at

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