Musemantik is the creator of the innovative and scalable music technology platform, MusicFlow, that enables delivery of personalized experiences on the web and on mobile. It powers our digital entertainment and digital health and well-being products. But it also revolutionizes existing photo and video applications. Finally, it expands the creative capabilities of music creators beyond the possibilities of today.

This video shows the result of using MusicFlow to create music for a photo slideshow:

This video shows how MusicFlow Platform was used – this can also be achieved using the API.

News & Events

  • 18.02.14

    Technology Highlight: A New Music Format

    Musemantik has created the Dynamic Music Format that opens a new world of possibilities. Music doesn’t any longer have to be a static recording. In this new world, music is adapted to the listener to provide a track that is perfect for them. It can be made perfect to fit...

  • 12.02.14

    Mobile Health & Well-Being Section and Soulight Sign-Up

    This year you will see new mobile products from us, for entertainment and for well-being. We have now launched the Mobile health and well-being section. Sign up now to the Soulight Newsletter and you will be notified of the free beta release of the Soulight App.

  • 24.07.13

    Musemantik selected to deliver Soulight, a novel solution for creating personalised musical journeys for health and well-being

    Music can entertain, and make film and other media a true emotional journey. But it can also affect our mood, resonate with what we feel, evoke emotions and lead us to well-being. Musemantik, using MusicFlow's versatile API, is due to deliver a very innovative project, Soulight, that will deliver personalised...

  • 23.05.13

    The Dawn of a Creative Era

    The MusicFlow you see now is merely the beginning and there are many amazing new features coming later this year: Ability to upload videos and download videos with music, social media sharing, easy to use multi-emotion support, composer tools and a larger music library. Join us on our exciting journey...

  • 02.05.13

    Musemantik at EIE 2013

    Musemantik is exhibiting at Scotland's largest investor conference focusing on high tech, EIE. For more information, see http://www.eie13.com/. The event takes place on May 9th.

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