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Our vision is to bring joy and healing to the world. Our mission is to deliver inner wellbeing through innovative intelligent mobile solutions.

Soulight is a digital health and well-being app, available to anyone with a smartphone, with a very serious purpose – to boost emotional well-being, prevent anxiety and stress, and alleviate depression through personalised music therapy that establishes positive emotions.

Soulight creates personalised playlists to chart the user’s mood, imagine where they want to go and help steer and chronicle their progress towards more positive health and share their feelings online with friends. A user-friendly experience means Soulight is easily accessible for everyone. It represents a novel, fluid form of support you can access on the move and is designed to encourage empowerment, self-awareness and resilience.

Soulight is powered by MusicFlow, Musemantik’s innovative music technology platform that enables delivery of personalized experiences on the web and on mobile.

Disclaimer: Soulight is not an alternative to professional clinical help.

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