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Interview with Maciej about Soulight

15.07.15 BY Maciej

Check out this interesting interview with Maciej, Founder and CEO of Musemantik:

It talks about the inspiration behind Soulight, the design process and much more. Here are some excerpts:

“These ‘emotion spaces’ are a new kind of user interface paradigm. What Google Maps does for the ‘outside’ universe, this does for your inner world. We do ‘emotion space mapping for your soul’ (which is where our name comes from). When you navigate around, it’s like the Google Street Map car taking pictures of your emotional landscape. […]”

“People are afraid of AI, and we have stories going back to the 1930s of ‘killer robots’. But if we channel our creativity, AI helps you to heal. That’s our vision, a hopeful one that is an antidote to the many dystopian visions.”


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