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Our Approach

The Opportunity

The Opportunity: Optimal Well-Being for Everyone

The cost of depression in United Kingdom only is £105bn/year, or roughly £8000 per person suffering per year. But existing approaches such as drugs and counselling can only help 1/3 of the patients. Musemantik is therefore working on mobile self-help tools, that use music therapy in a seamless and innovative ways, to alleviate this condition and others – depression is just the tip of the iceberg and our social mission is to realize people’s full potential to emotional well-being and happiness.


A Groundbreaking Approach

Musemantik’s approach to digital self-help tools is innovative and explores a new and exciting territory, because:

• For those that struggle to engage with traditional services, our mobile solutions are seamless and non-obtrusive, self-help tools that are fun to use.
• Mobile health apps are cost-effective and convenient to the users, and the mobile health market is estimate to be $26bn by 2017 (source).
• Instead of emphasis on complex medical vocabulary and burdensome concepts, the mobile interfaces use a user-friendly and intuitive interface with icons that express different emotional states.
• Rather than seeking for external solutions, we focus on empowerment of the individual through increased emotional self-awareness with the aim of building resilience and dignity.
• There will be a free version of the app that a user can try out themselves, before considering the even more powerful version.


Our first mobile health app, Soulight is a novel digital application that allows people that suffer from depression and other mental illness to experience a personalized musical health journey, but many more people will be able to use it for holistic healing and general well-being. It allows the users to reflect upon their personal journey towards health and well-being, and to move beyond their current negative emotional states (read more).

Click here to register your interest to test the Soulight app for free. We might also ask you to fill out a questionnaire that helps us to provide the right functionality. Or contact us to see our upcoming products in more detail or to discuss evaluation, partnerships or investment opportunities.