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Musemantik selected to deliver Soulight, a novel solution for creating personalised musical journeys for health and well-being

24.07.13 BY Maciej

Music can entertain, and make film and other media a true emotional journey.
But it can also affect our mood, resonate with what we feel, evoke emotions
and lead us to well-being. Musemantik, using MusicFlow’s versatile API, is
due to deliver a very innovative project, Soulight, that will deliver
personalised musical journeys to lead the listener from their current state
of mind towards health and happiness.

Soulight is a novel digital application that allows people that suffer from
depression and other mental illness to experience a personalized musical
health journey, but we envision that many more people will be able to use it
for holistic healing and general well-being. It allows the users to reflect
upon their personal journey towards health and well-being, and transform
that into a high-quality musical track in a user friendly way. Users can use
Soulight to reflect what they feel, imagine where they want to go and share
their experiences with their friends online.

This project and the MusicFlow API license is supported by New Media
Scotland’s Alt-w Fund with investment from the Scottish Government and
Creative Scotland.

Click here to register your interest to test the Soulight app for free. We might also ask you to fill out a questionnaire that helps to provide the right functionality.


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