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MusicFlow API


API Licensing for Application Developers


By licensing our API you can empower your photo, video, animation or storytelling platform or app and give it music that truly follows the story.

Read more about how our API can enhance your online or mobile application.

If you are interested in the technical details see our API documentation.

Try it.
Try out our technology by logging in for free to the MusicFlow web interface. Learn best practices from the demo videos.

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Contact us, to set up an evaluation account for using the API.

Three Use Cases

1st Use Case: Give my users suitable music with one click
Your user has a photo slideshow, video, animation etc. and wants suitable music with one click (where they choose the type of music). The MusicFlow API then automatically delivers a track with the right duration. E.g. in the example below the user chose an “orchestral” score, and their story needed something that was 30 seconds:

2nd Use Case: Allow my users to quickly customize the music
In the example below, the user again has a story that is 30 seconds long, but they want to quickly control the behaviour of the music to fit the story:

When calling the API you can select any duration you want (in seconds and minutes) above a certain minimum (the minimum is typically 5-10 sec).

3rd Use Case: Give my users powerful customization options
Here the user can choose e.g. to give different types of music to different sections of the slideshow or video, or customize in detail the behaviour of the emotion curve to follow the story precisely. The “Sound of Scotland” and the “The making of…” videos demonstrate this.

Score Selector

Music Content Options

There are three options for the music options:

1. Use the Dynamic Score Library
Use all the publicly available dynamic music scores (see an excerpt above). You can easily preview all of them by logging in to the MusicFlow web interface and clicking on the score selector. The API can access any of these dynamic scores directly.

2. Commission New Dynamic Score Contents
Using our composer tools we can create more contents for your exclusive use that covers the music genres and emotions you need. Our composers can either create new contents for you in any genre, or we can convert your linear music contents to our dynamic score format.

3. Create your own Dynamic Music Contents
You can license the composer tools from us to create your own music contents or to manage your own composers.

For options 1, 2 and 3, you then pick a license either for personal, commercial or academic use of the music.


Filmmakers and Video producers

Do you need music for your film or video? Using the web interface of MusicFlow you can get music that fits your story. Take a look at the demo videos and try out MusicFlow for free. If you find something you like, you can download and pay as you go. Or Contact us to buy a monthly subscription with unlimited downloads.