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MusicFlow Applications

Learn how MusicFlow can help you:

Enhancing Experiences – Do you need music for your video, movie, trailer, animation or slideshow?
Enhancing Applications – Do you have a video editor or photo app and want to give it new powerful music capabilities?
Enabling Interactive Experiences – Are you a brand and want to engage with your target audience in an interactive fashion online?
Transform your applications – Do you want to learn about our API that can transform your applications more engaging and give you a new revenue stream?

Enhanced Experience

Enhancing Experiences

Enhancing your Video, Trailer or Animation

Do you have a video or movie and are looking for tailor-made music that will fit perfectly? MusicFlow gives you detailed control over the timing and emotion of the music. With music that fits so well, your video will make an impression. See our brand buildingvideo.

The Sound of Scotland

Enhancing your Photo Slideshow

Do you have some photos that could tell a story? MusicFlow helps you create a stunning emotional journey by providing you with music that follows the story. See The Sound of Scotland.

When speed matters

Replacing Temp Music with a rapid and customized result

Do you work in a creative project where the norm is rapid prototypes and iterations? For the first time now you can rapidly prototype the music and make sure it adapts to the visuals of your project, throughout your creative process. You can even showcase a storyboard with music to convey your idea.

High Speed and Volume

When high Speed and high Volume Matters

Do you create huge volumes of media contents such as trailers, videos or animations? Then you might have discovered that a manual process for music production might not scale to these volumes. Using static stock music might also create unsatisfactory results. Use MusicFlow to get a truly scalable solution that combines the best of both worlds: high speed and instant customization. Instead of relying on manual ad-hoc approaches you can now benefit from a scalable technology platform. It delivers instantly tailor-made music composed by great composers. You can either use the online interface of MusicFlow or connect your service to MusicFlow using our API.

Enhance your video editor

Enhancing Applications

Enhancing your Video Editor/Application

Are your users tired of constantly having to edit their video to fit the music? Integrate MusicFlow into your video editor (using our API) and get videos with custom-made music. This makes the users more productive and creative. It works equally well on desktop, online and mobile.

Enhance Your Photo Application

Enhancing your Photo Application

Do you have an application for capturing, sharing or editing photos? Are you interested in making it stand out? Integrate MusicFlow into your app (using our API) to enable your users to combine custom-made music with their photo slideshows and tell a story.

This video shows how MusicFlow was used to customize music and sound for The Sound of Scotland photo slideshow. Use our API with any interface that you like.

Interactive Campaigns

Enabling Interactive Experiences

Are you a label, brand or artist that needs to engage online with your target audience? MusicFlow enables fan-participation in a completely new way.

A truly interactive form of online interaction are campaigns and competitions where the audience provides user generated contents such as photos and videos. MusicFlow is an ideal companion and it gives every participant custom-made music that fits their photos or video and turns them into a engaging experience. This creates more memorable contents and an engaged audience, and makes your campaign a success.


Delivering the power of MusicFlow within your application – the API

Do you need your online, mobile and desktop applications to deliver the full power of dynamic music? Our MusicFlow API makes this possible. Read [here] to find out how, .

Either license our API or collaborate on a revenue-share by selling dynamic music in your app.