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Technology Highlight: A New Music Format

18.02.14 BY Maciej

Musemantik has created the Dynamic Music Format that opens a new world of possibilities. Music doesn’t any longer have to be a static recording. In this new world, music is adapted to the listener to provide a track that is perfect for them. It can be made perfect to fit their visual story, e.g. a photo slideshow, to fit a situation, e.g. when they are running, or a state of mind, e.g. to lead them from sadness to joy. The composer tools makes it possible for anyone to create music in this new format. And we are developing the consumer applications to harvest all these opportunities.

Some of the key technical facts about the Dynamic Music Format:

From a dynamic score one can create thousands of different tracks.
It works with any musical genre, even atonal music and soundscapes. The music can use recorded instruments and even vocals, or synthesized sounds.
A dynamic score can be controlled by one or several emotions.
Scores can be either created in the online composer tools, or we can convert your normal linear recording to our format on your behalf.
A dynamic score can be adapted to fit the story of the moving image.
A dynamic score can offer fine-grained mood modulation that evokes the right emotion in the right moment.
The dynamic music format enables highly scalable delivery of customized music in the cloud. This can power applications used by millions of users. And this in turn enables a highly scalable business models with attractive growth potential.


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