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MusicFlow in Academia: A Tool for Creation, Exploration and Collaboration

31.10.12 BY Maciej

Music is joy, passion, fear and many other emotions. When performed live or improvised, it seems to have a life on its own and have its own personality. But it is also a harmonic, rhythmic and structural language. All of these aspects of music are somehow conveyed to students in music education. When music accompanies a film or slideshow it has the opportunity to tell or reinforce a story or a mood, and there are many ways how this could be done. Film students learn how to utilize music and sound as a creative tool to enhance the story they are telling, and music and sound design student learn how to create music and sound that conveys the right vision, story, atmosphere.

MusicFlow helps to capture this true dynamic nature of music, and is the perfect companion on this journey of learning. It can be used by film students to instantly try out hundreds of different ideas of how music or sound should accompany a scene or a whole film. It can be used by music composition students to become more confident composers and get a better feel for how harmony, orchestration and music structure interact and become an emotional language that supports the moving image. Finally, it can be used as a tool for deeper and more productive collaboration between a film maker and composer.

Read more here about how MusicFlow can be used in academia.


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