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MusicFlow Beta with Video Syncing released at MIDEM

26.01.13 BY Maciej

Jan 26th, 2012. Cannes, France.
Musemantik has released the next beta version of its innovative MusicFlow online service at the MIDEM music conference. MusicFlow allows creators of film, video, animation and photo slideshows to instantly customize a piece of music or a soundscape that fits their contents perfectly. They will now benefit from these new features:

  • Improved interface. A sleek, new, high-contrast integrated audio/video interface makes it easier to draw the experience you want the music to convey and to see the images that you want to use with the music.
  • Video Syncing. Users can now sync their customized track with any video on YouTube or Vimeo by simply pasting the URL in MusicFlow. They can then easily create their music tracks to perfectly fit their videos, previewing the combined result without leaving the website, and download a high-quality audio file to add using a video editor.
  • Dynamic soundscapes. MusicFlow now supports not only instantly customized music but also but also dynamic soundscapes that provide the right atmosphere for a movie without using melodic contents.
  • Subscribe or pay-as-you-go. You can try out dynamic scores in MusicFlow for free, and then you can either download tracks using pay-as-you-go or you can subscribe to MusicFlow for corporate or academic use for a monthly fee – contact us for details.
  • Institutions such as Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland have already decided to take the step into the future by giving their film and animation students access to MusicFlow to equip them with the state-of-the-art tools they need to be successful. Musemantik is committed to continue the development of MusicFlow and make it an essential tool that empowers creatives worldwide.

    MusicFlow is available here.


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