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Musemantik at SXSW 2013

06.03.13 BY Maciej

Musemantik is going to SXSW with the UK trade mission (UKTI) to promote the latest version of our innovative cloud service MusicFlow, which connects the worlds of images and sound. We will also showcase our upcoming composer tools for creating dynamic music scores and soundscapes.

We have been selected as one of UK’s 20 most promising technologies at SXSW, which means that you can meet at us at the UK Demo Day at SXSW:

Also, come see our brief pitch at the film technology startup session:

Other times, you can set up a meeting with us at the UKTI booth at SXSW.

We are looking to meet composers, producers and artists and show how MusicFlow can create new revenue streams. Music labels, publishers and brands will likely be interested in discussing how MusicFlow can be used for interactive marketing campaigns in which fans would interact with their music in a dynamic fashion — thereby enhancing fan engagement.

We are also looking to meet those that teach or produce film or animation, to discuss how MusicFlow can transform the production process and also bring film production education to a new level.

Finally, we are interested in meeting with companies who make online or mobile apps that create visual experiences — such as apps for management, editing or compilation of video, images, visual stories, animation, or any other dynamic imagery. Let’s discuss how music that is customized on the fly would give a powerful new dimension that transforms your users’ experience.


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