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Musemantik Brings Emotional Engagement To The Interactive Industry

14.07.11 BY Maciej

Musemantik has today launched two unique new software platforms – Emrzr (pronounced ‘Immerser’) Sense and Emrzr Arrange – which enable videogame developers and software companies to enhance and increase the emotional engagement within new console, PC, smartphone and online titles, increasing the player’s attachment to the game, while reducing development costs and time to market.

Emrzr (pronounced ‘Immerser’) Sense uses advanced emotionally-aware Artificial Intelligence (AI) to model and infer emotions. It can then be used to dynamically control and adapt various aspects of the game, to amplify to the player’s emotional state, creating a far more immersive and personalised experience. It can also be used for analyzing emotions in online games (emotion analytics), to extract knowledge about which game experiences that are correlated with improved success metrics, such as higher in-game sales.

Emrzr Arrange creates emotionally appropriate music and integrates it into a video game so it responds and reacts – appropriately – to the player’s actions and activities. It can also be used for instantly creating appropriate music for videos, slideshows, photos etc. and frees the user from relying on static audio libraries.

To date developers have had to carefully create individual ‘scripts’ which triggered certain actions or elements of a game. Each of these scripts had to be created, then changed or updated as changes were made to the game. The Emrzr range provides developers with the tools to create a dynamic emotional range, which works across the entire game and does not require individual elements or triggers.
This can reduce development costs and timescale, as well as creating more emotionally engaging content for players.

Maciej Zurawski, the founder and managing director of Musemantik, said, “The videogames market is one of the most rapidly evolving sector of the global digital media industry. Games have become far more complex and sophisticated that ever before, yet are often criticised for lacking any emotional depth. One reason for this is that developers must carefully script every element and change and link these into changes within the game as players experience it. This can be incredibly complex and time consuming, as any changes can have wide ranging consequences on other scripts and attributes. With Emrzr Sense and Emrzr Arrange, we have create a solution which not only gives developers more direct control over the elements of their game, but the fact that the software can be keyed for the whole game provides great reductions in development resources, since the reductions in design time and scripting are matched by reductions in testing and quality assurance.”
For more information on Musemantik’s Emrzr Sense and Emrzr Arrange solutions, or to organise a personal demonstration, visit


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