Job Opening: Software Developer

Who are we, and what are we up to?

Musemantik is a small startup based in Edinburgh. The core team is three people, and you can read our bios here. The company has been in existence for three years, developing our core technology. This past year we’ve been building MusicFlow, our revolutionary online service that creates custom-tailored arrangements of dynamic music scores. MusicFlow allows creators of visual media to quickly and easily get music that exactly fits their visuals — as if they were working directly with the composers.

We are at the cusp of our growth. We have a functioning beta product. We have lots of interest from potential customers and clients. We have a growing number of world-class composers who are enthusiastic about composing dynamic music scores. We have been awarded an innovation grant from the government to fund our next stage of development.

Our upcoming technical developments aim to make it easier for composers to compose dynamic music scores, and to make it easier for users to integrate MusicFlow into their media creation processes. Long-term we want canned linear music tracks to feel like a thing of the past: everyone will expect custom-tailored music to be everywhere.

Why work with us?

Because you think MusicFlow is a cool project. You like working on technology that enhances human artistic creativity. You’re excited by the idea that we have the potential to change the future of how music is created and used in media. You like working with musicians and video/filmmakers. (Maybe you are one yourself?)

Because you want to get in on the ground floor. You like being able to make a big contribution to the shape and design of innovative technology. You like the freedom and excitement of creating something new.

Because you take pride in creating excellent software.

Who are we looking for?

We’ve got a small programming team.
In a small team, everybody tends to do a bit of everything. So we’re not looking to fill a niche. We just want you to be an insanely good engineer and programmer — and confident that if there’s some system or library you don’t know, you can learn it.

That said, we’ve got some things coming up that we need to jump right into. So the more you know right now about the things we need to do right now, the more productive we can be.

Here are the kinds of skills and experience that are pretty important for our upcoming projects:

  • Experience developing rich client-side applications using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3/Ajax
  • Experience developing server-side web applications (in particular using Ruby On Rails)
  • Knowledge of computer science fundamentals (computer science degree or equivalent)

And any of these would also be a plus:

  • Experience with UX-driven development
  • Experience with test suites and test-driven design
  • Experience with cloud deployment (Amazon, continuous integration)
  • Experience with API design (REST)
  • Experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with e-commerce development
  • Experience writing plugins for languages and third-party applications (in C/C++)
  • Experience with site & user metrics
  • Comfortable with Linux/OS X development environments
  • Familiarity with media file formats
  • Some understanding of digital audio processing
  • Some understanding of principles of music theory
  • Knowledge of music production
  • Knowledge of video editing

Strong interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and excellent verbal and written communication skills are also very important. Ability to interact with creative artists, with business users, and with technical collaborators is a plus.

What technology do we use?

Here’s some highlights: Ruby on Rails. HTML5 (Haml). CSS3 (Scss). Javascript (Coffeescript, jQuery, jQueryUI). PostgreSQL. Resque. Redis. git. Amazon S3. Amazon EC. We use lots of open-source code, and encourage contributing to open source development.